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    ExxonMobil Achieve PP茂金屬介紹

    ExxonMobil Achieve PP茂金屬介紹



    ExxonMobil Achieve PP樹脂是茂金屬基均聚物樹脂,用于有極高要求的紡粘/熔噴非織造布,以及對透明度、減壓、部分翹曲及高純度有要求的注塑成型用途。


    用于熔噴時,Achieve PP 6936G1樹脂具有超高的熔體流動率(通常MFR為1550克/10分鐘),并且具有能提高加工效率的窄分子量分布。由于沒有過氧化物,且萃取物少,這種清潔一致的聚合物能通過減少能量需求從而提高纖維生產效率。


    Achieve PP 3854樹脂1設計用于高強度紡粘和低丹尼纖維。它能使細纖維在高速紡織過程中保持出色的統一性。其穩定劑組合適用于絕大多數的非織造布和單絲。


    Achieve PP 1605樹脂2在醫療保健、電子和其他應用中具有卓越的清潔力、透明度及尺寸穩定性。




    ExxonMobil Achieve PP resin is a metallocene-based homopolymer designed for demanding spunbond/meltblown nonwoven applications, and injection-molding applications that require enhanced clarity, reduced stress and part warpage and excellent purity.


    For meltblown applications, Achieve PP 6936G1 resin1 has an ultra-high melt flow rate (typical MFR of 1550 g/10min) with narrow molecular weight distribution for efficient processing. With no peroxide and low extractables, this clean and consistent polymer improves efficiency in fabric production through reduced energy demand.


    Achieve PP 3854 resin2 is designed for high-strength spunbond and fine denier fiber applications. It features excellent uniformity for high-speed spinning of fine fibers. Its stabilizer package is suitable for most nonwoven and filament applications.


    Achieve PP 1605 resin3 provides healthcare, electronics and other applications with exceptional cleanliness, clarity and dimensional stability.

    Nonwovens4 customers may also want to consider ExxonMobil? polypropylene resin5 and Vistamaxx? propylene-based polymers6 for applications ranging from hygiene absorbent7 and medical8 to filtration9 and sorbents10.





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